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Added The Twilight Enigma to the Adventure / Celestia Code Series section

Added "Current Patreon Exclusives" subsection in the Info Tab. Here you will be able to see which stories are currently only available to my Patrons, and when they will be made public.

OK, yeah I know I don't update this much, but that is because I really don't have to. My content is usually done months in advance as I work on the next project. However, I do update this when there are significant changes. And there are today. Those of you who are interested in Clop might have noticed that, with this latest upgrade, I have removed the entire clop section from the website. That is due to YouTube deleting my dedicated Clop Channel. I have since deleted the pure clop stories from my main channel, just to make sure that that channel is not taken down by YouTube as well. So sorry folks. No more horse porn stories from me in the near future, unless I can find a plattform on which to post them safely.

There have also been some changes to the "Upcoming stories" Tab. Please check them out if you have a bit of free time.

And lastly: Fallout Equestria Pink Eyes was added to the Fallout Equestria Section.

Hello there again! I added some things to the website that you might like ^^ The clop readings I did are now finally available on here, as well as some of the other gaming content I did. I also changed the background of the website as you might have noticed to a picture a fellow brony once made for me. So, here is a list of the changes:

-Background changed (Credit to SnoopyStallion)

-Added Clop readings

-Added Game reviews section

-Added "Public releases" section

-Edited the News :P


And hey! It's me again! VisualPony at it again. So guys, I hope I now have added EVERYTHING. When I put this Website online, I forgot stories like "My new life in Equestria" or "Cupcakes the musical". They are now on here. Hope you enjoy them. Please note that I will only write news on here or change/add things to the site when there is something to be added. I'll likely not make an update every Saturday to announce the release of a chapter :P That'd just be silly. Or maybe I will do it after all?


Hey there guys! I am happy to finally launch my website! Look around and have fun, finding stories you may have never heard about in audio form. Discover everything that makes our fandom one of the greatest ones out there and more. I will do my best to keep this site updated weekly and I hope you can see that in the content that you will find on here. So, now I have rambled on enough. Enjoy!

- Sincerely VisualPony
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